The Maxiglide Key to Gorgeous, Straight Hair

I remember shopping for my wedding hairpiece when I was young. It was a very exciting and happy time in my life. I remember the moment I bent down to pick up a spray and a lovely strapless hairpiece came flying out of a pack and landed with a awful thud in the crook of my left hand. I instinctively rose to inspect the damage, but fearing that I would have to endure a punishment of gape therapy for the rest of the day, I put the hairpiece back in its Pack It Box.

Several years later and I have washed my hairpieces and found myself at home again with a much more elegant hairpiece – the Maxiglide Hot Roll. It is a hair roll that leaves your hands free and gives you total freedom of movement, so you can do what you like with your hands. เย็ดสาวใหญ่ You can lift, flip, dry, style, curl, reinforce or hold your hairpiece in any position as you like.

Maxiglide uses highly advanced technology to achieve this “Top Of The Line” styling result. Our stylist devised this hair roll system over 3 years ago, calling on his years of experience in both hairpieces and massaging with his hands to create something luxurious and that gentlemen’s charm you know we ladies crave.

This hair roll out is so elegant and chic, you willlove it when it frizzes. The Maxiglide Hot Roll comes in 24 different levels, a total of 4,800licks (that’s 4,800 massage) to achieve optimal results.

How to achieve the Maxiglide Hair Rollgiving You maximumidence and comfort:

To achieve the Maxiglide Hair Roll you need a Maxiglide, a hair roll tool, a large rounded brush and a wide toothed comb to help you through the rolling process.

There is a very important rule to adhere when using a hair roll, no two users can use the same one over and over again, if you are using different brushes to achieve different levels of elegance, make sure they are of different sizes (reads: large and medium) so that you are not restricted to one area of the hair when you use the roll.

When you are about to start, remove all unnecessary hair. อะนิเมะ Like strands of hair that are getting too long to remove, tangles in the hair that are up to your chin or other areas that you do not want to tangling and remove them. You are ready to start the conditioning process.

Running through the hair to remove tangles is necessary in the initial stage before you begin the roll. Refrain from using towels just because the next step in the process says to remove tangles. คู่เย็ดวัยเรียน You can wear either a towel or another swatch of hair that you can use to slick back and forth across the roll to further loosen them and then you are ready to begin the roll.

To begin the rolling, lightly roll the hair piece in one direction with the roll as they are manufactured. Utilize the entire roll to get the least amount of tangles in your hair. แอบถ่ายในโรงแรม There is no right or wrong start point, simply roll until you feel that they are at the most desirable state (no tangles). Remember this process is entirely dependent upon the tools that you are using and how you hold them.

There are two types of styles that you can have with the Maxiglide Hot Roll, i.e. fade or straight. Believe it or not, the hot roll is specially designed with loops so that you can do just like with a stick, a traditional stone, a hair brush, your own two hands or whatever you feel is most comfortable for you. ชนโรง Simply start the roll at one end and roll across the area you desire. To get the most flattering result, make sure that the hair piece is snugly fitting into place before you finish the process and re-assemble it properly.

If you prefer Zoom pans, the first thing you will notice as you start working your way around the roll is the appearance of the draping with smoothness, this is a concern that clients have with traditional hair extensions. Skeptics would probably be interested in how such a simple process can result in such a striking finish. We believe that the benefits gained from the Maxiglide Hot Roll far outweigh this small problem.

There are no unpleasant products to purchase with the Maxiglide Hot Roll, it is all finished with a satisfaction of a very satisfying product.

So what are you waiting for? Go get that long hair now!